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Understanding your Audience

June 5, 2022

Understanding your Audience and Attracting your Target Market When looking to attract clientele, it’s important to gain an understanding of who your audience is and what they need from you. The persona you communicate through your headshot influences how people perceive you. It’s the difference between them choosing you over your competition. Psychology is a…

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There’s A Trend Going On

February 1, 2022

There’s a Trend Going On… In both the corporate world and service industries there’s a distinct trend to portray a persona of approachability and relatability. No one wants to work with someone they don’t relate to or trust. While we work past the world-wide shut down sparked by covid, we are changing the way we…

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What If I Hate Getting My Photo Taken?

January 14, 2022

What If I Don’t Feel Photogenic or I Hate Getting My Photo Taken? I hear this all the time and it’s usually when a client first arrives to my studio. I’ve got you covered! I totally understand the awkwardness of getting your headshot taken in a studio setting and it’s my job to put you…

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The Power of Expression

February 9, 2021

– The Power of Expression – Does your current Headshot have LIKEABILITY? Facial expressions are a universal language. Through them, we can express love, happiness, pain, and all the other emotions on the spectrum. Your expression is what engages people to want to know you, to think you are interesting, or if it’s not a…

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