There’s A Trend Going On

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There’s a Trend Going On…

Headshot Photographer Denver Trend

In both the corporate world and service industries there’s a distinct trend to portray a persona of approachability and relatability. No one wants to work with someone they don’t relate to or trust.

While we work past the world-wide shut down sparked by covid, we are changing the way we do business, relate to each other, and connect with each other. CEO’s want their employees to feel like they care, and entrepreneurs want you to feel like you relate to them.

It’s all about making the right CONNECTION!


To accomplish this though a headshot, professionals are steering towards business headshots that are more laid back in both style and expression. It’s all about presenting the right characteristics to your target audience. If my client needs to present a very approachable persona, then I focus my expression coaching towards getting you a very genuine, approachable yet still professional headshot.

This trend is totally influencing wardrobe choices for your headshots. Even top executives are leaning towards business casual attire that’s not stuffy and in most cases, we are throwing out the ties completely! Women don’t need a jacket to covey a persona of professionalism. A great fitting blouse goes a long way, and you can keep your personal since of style in the mix. Men are going with a well fitted sports coat with an open collar. We want to show off who you are and how you dress on a daily basis and bring that into your headshots. You can also work some color psychology into your wardrobe selection which gives your headshot that extra touch when viewed by potential clients.

Out with the old traditional stuffy business portraits and in with the modern self-expression in your headshots. We still keep it professional, and they look really sharp!


I’ve sat down with people countless times while they look through the headshots on my website and I can’t tell you how many times people connect with the headshots that have a genuine expression and key in on the “likeability” factor. No one feels professional comfort from a selfie headshot on your website or professional profile. Even a badly done “professional (cheap)” headshot deters people more that it engages. If you look uncomfortable, the person viewing your picture feels uncomfortable too.

We all have a little empath in us and when you see a headshot of someone that has high-energy and a great smile, it makes you want to smile too and then get up and be a go-getter. At the same time, if you see a picture of a person that’s cringe worthy, then you tend to cringe a little on the inside too and quickly pass that one by. We want people to look at your headshot and say “That person looks really interesting, I’d love to have a conversation with them!”

Corporate_Headshot_HighlandsRanch Corporate_Headshot_Denver


Have you ever Googled “Professional Headshots Denver” and been overwhelmed with the long list of photographers out there? ⁠Castle Rock Headshots serves the Denver metro area with professional headshot photography that captures your best you!


To learn more about expression in your headshots, check out my blog post “The Power of Expression”.

To learn more about headshot pricing and scheduling a session, check out this page.

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