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Headshot Cropping Done Right

July 10, 2020

Headshots are generally head and shoulders, but there’s a lot more to consider when cropping a headshot. There is a science with all visual media. Even today we are still using age old formulas designed to create a compelling photograph. One of my jobs as a headshot photographer is to make sure I get the…

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What to Wear for Your Professional Headshot

April 10, 2020

After booking a session, the most frequently asked question I get is “what do I wear?” While there isn’t one right answer for everyone, here are some universal tips in todays top trends to help you choose what to wear for your professional headshot…     Let’s talk about Color! Solid colors I highly suggest…

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What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

March 27, 2020

In business, your headshot is your first introduction. It’s the way you get noticed! A headshot visually communicates who you are and what you’re about to everyone who visits your LinkedIn profile, website, or social media channels. The face you show the business world affects your credibility, separating the professionals from the amateurs. Just think,…

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