What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

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In business, your headshot is your first introduction. It’s the way you get noticed!

A headshot visually communicates who you are and what you’re about to everyone who visits your LinkedIn profile, website, or social media channels. The face you show the business world affects your credibility, separating the professionals from the amateurs. Just think, have you ever looked at a professional headshot from someone you admire and think to yourself, “this person looks great, they have such an aura of professionalism!” Headshots are central to your marketing, branding and the business of your industry.

Your picture can be made to communicate who you are and what you’re after. With the focus on expression, wardrobe, lighting and specific key words to bring out the look you want the world to see. A professional photographer will tie all these elements together with wardrobe feedback and expression coaching to emphasize your personal brand. This is where getting a professional headshot is worth the time and money. And bonus, they aren’t as expensive as some might think!


“Don’t damage your professional image with an amateur headshot. Save yourself money and aggravation in the long run by doing it right the first time. Using a professional photographer is a bargain compared to the value you get — not to mention the real harm a bad or even not very good photograph can do to your image.” – FORBES

What does your current headshot say about you?

Is it clean and professional? Up-to-date? Warm and inviting?

Are you using an outdated picture from ten years ago? Maybe you took a group photo and cropped it so that it just shows your face (and the shoulder of the guy next to you?) And then there’s the countless profile pictures from an old summer vacation complete with sunglasses and harsh lighting. Don’t let that be you!

6 Signs you need to update your Headshot:

  1. Is your current image a selfie?
  2. Do you look noticeably different than in your last headshot?
  3. Did you use an old outdated background?
  4. Is your picture older that 5 years?
  5. Is your headshot a good representation of who you are today?
  6. Does your picture show the spark in your eyes? (This one is sooooo important!!!)

Take a good look at your current headshot – Is it time to update yours?


If you think so, then here are the top three things your new headshot should say about you when presenting it to the business world:

  1. You can count on me

    Your headshot is the first step in making potential clients feel comfortable investing in you, your product or your service. Your genuine expression will form a warm connection and helps to put people at ease. The best way to get a killer headshot is to be YOU, and my job is to make you comfortable and relaxed to get you that great headshot!

  2. Chris Nielson

    I am a trusted professional

    A professional headshot says this in a way that a selfie never could. Your headshot shows that you have experience and expertise in your field. With a clean professional background, expert posing, and quality lighting, you will show your clients that you are a professional that knows what they’re doing. Go ahead and splurge on hair and makeup, I’ll help you with your wardrobe and we’ll pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and professional.

  3. Headshot Photographer Denver

    I’m relatable and approachable

    Your headshot should show a taste of your style and vibe, so let your personality shine! We will work together to convey your strongest traits so that your headshot totally shows YOU in a subtle and classy way. All of this can be conveyed in your expression and pose. This will help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level. A great headshot can be just the encouragement a prospect needs to click on your website or take that next step to work with you.

With your headshot literally being the face of your personal brand, you need to make a great first impression to potential clients and job recruiters alike. This is why it’s so important to make sure your headshot supports your brand identity and mission. No matter the industry, whether you are an actor, realtor, coach, author, healthcare professional, finance analyst, event planner, teacher, designer or makeup artist — you need a headshot to present yourself to the world as a professional. It is just as important as your website, logo and business card in today’s virtual world.

If you are ready for a Headshot update, take a look at my Pricing Page.

Here are some great Portrait Tips when picking your wardrobe and preparing for your session.

Headshot of Lisa Christianson

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