5 Reasons Summer is the BEST time to update Headshots

August 20, 2022 Leave a Comment

5 Reasons Summer is the BEST time to update Headshots


We all have our reasons why we keep putting off that dreaded headshot update. We are either too busy, it’s not the right time, or we keep telling ourselves that we’ll think about it in a couple of months.


Here’s 5 reasons that the end of Summer is the best time of year to get your headshot professionally updated.


1. You have a great tan, and it’s not the beginning of summer awkward tan line kind of tan. No more raccoon eyes now that you’ve evened those out! One of the most requested edits when I photograph people in the winter is “Can you make me look tanner?”


2. It’s the feel-good time of year. If you are the kind of person that is influenced by the weather, this is your feel-good time of year so why not get your headshot updated when you are feeling your best?


3. Summer fitness. We’ve been working all summer on losing weight and getting our steps in during our hikes here in sunny Colorado. End of summer is the peak fitness time of year for most adults. Let’s photograph your trim self!


4. Kids are back in school. If you have kids at home, then you’ve spent the summer entertaining the kiddos and now that they are back in school you should spend some time on yourself. You deserve it!


5. Travel break. This is the time of year that vacations start to slow down and there’s a lull until it picks back up during the holidays. It’s hard to find time to squeeze in a headshot session when you are planning to entertain company, getting ready to travel, and taking the time to holiday shop. Knock out your headshot session now while you have the time to relax and enjoy it.


While there are many reasons that people need to get their professional headshots done throughout the year, if you know you will be needing to use a new headshot within the next six months, why not do it when you feel and look your best now that you have some insight as to why Summer is the best time to update headshots. If you are looking for a business headshot photographer in Denver metro, then book your session now with Castle Rock Headshots to create a headshot that’s a cut above the rest.


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