What to Expect

Newborn Sessions:

Newborn sessions typically last two to three hours. This gives us time to get the baby sleeping, try many different poses with different props and also gives you time if the baby needs to nurse or take a bottle anywhere in-between. Newborns are best photographed before two weeks of age, while they are still in that sleepy and curly stage. After about two weeks babies start to be awake for longer periods of time and they don’t like to be in “womb like” positions any more…which is what we want them in. Their portraits are most commonly done while the baby is sleeping. Newborns generally can sleep through anything as long as they are warm and fed, so they can be put into different positions and have their pictures taken without even knowing it. I like to make sure your baby is comfortable so I keep the room warm at 80 degrees. Because of this parents, I suggest dressing in layers if it is a cool day so you can peel away the layers if you get warm. During your session I will be playing relaxing instrumental music as well as running white noise. Both of these are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere and drown out extra noises so that your baby can get into that deep sleep. If you happen to fall asleep yourself (its been known to happen every once and awhile) feel free to do so. As a parent myself I know you aren’t getting much sleep with a newborn at that time.

Studio sessions take place at my in home studio. I prefer to use natural lighting for my newborns but on the occasion that the lighting isn’t good for that day, we would be using studio lighting. When you arrive at my studio I will show you the area and go over the props with you. Upon booking a session with me I will be sending you an information packet with session tips and a questionnaire that will help me get a feel for the style and colors you would like for your session. I will be arranging some props ahead of time based on your preferences. I will go over these props with you when you first arrive. During this time we will keep your baby in the car seat if the baby is calm. I want this to be a relaxed and calming atmosphere for you and your family. I have a sitting area arranged close by so that you will be able to watch me photograph your session in comfort. If you are bringing other children I also have a children’s play area right next to us with some quiet activities so that they can stay entertained and you will be able to keep an eye on them.

After we discuss the final arrangements for backgrounds and props, I will have you go ahead and get comfortable in the sitting area. I will be the one taking the baby out of the car seat. From experience I will be able to move the baby with minimal disturbance. The baby will go from the car seat directly to the posing bean bag I use. I will undress the baby right there on the bean bag and use soothing techniques to settle the baby down into a deep sleep. Sometimes this takes a while and sometimes the baby goes right into sleep. Every newborn is different so don’t worry how long it takes. In the tips I send you during your consultation I will discuss keeping the baby awake as long as possible before the session and hopefully on the car ride over. I also want you to feed the baby before the car ride over as well. This is so that we can get right into the session when you arrive and the baby’s needs have already been taken care of. My sessions have a steady flow to them. If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session, we will get those photos taken care of first, so please let me know if you plan on participating. This is so that everyone can relax after those are done and it will be the baby by himself from then on. You will have access to all of my props during your session and please feel free to bring any props you would like to use. If you have any special hobbies or interests, I love to work those into your photos. Every session is unique to my clients and I want your style to show as well as mine.

Safety is key in newborn photography and everything I do is to keep the baby safe and comfortable. If there is a pose that the baby doesn’t like, if we can’t calm her down then we won’t do it. Most of the portraits with props will be done with the help of a parent to maximize safety, even if it’s just to sit close to me and keep your eyes focused on the baby while I photograph. Babies move around and that’s natural. I want to make this a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing experience for you and your newborn and enjoy the photo session.

Maternity Sessions:

Before your session we will discuss the style of photographs you want in your album. As the premier Castle Rock Photographer, I have many different styles we can work with. If you have seen poses you like from other photographs, Pinterest is a great tool to use. Create an album to share with me and I will be able to look over those poses before your session. I use studio lighting for these sessions and I will be changing the setup throughout the session depending on the pose. We will start with the portraits you want taken with other people and then get into the solo portraits. I start with standing poses and then get into poses on the ground. Since I’ve had three children of my own I know how hard it is to move around on the ground so I will make those poses as comfortable as I can for you! I think that a woman’s body is absolutely beautiful during pregnancy so please don’t feel uncomfortable showing off your belly. All of your images will be filly edited so if you are worried about stretch marks, please don’t be.

I encourage you to bring in any props that you would like in your portraits. Bring a couple of outfit changes too, it will give your album some nice variety. Clothing that photographs well is denim, anything lacy, a plain button down shirt, and tube tops work well.

Family ~ High School Seniors ~ Children:

Any of these sessions can be done in either my home studio or on location. You will have a pre-consultation appointment where we will go over your interests and color pallet choices so that you are completely happy with the overall results of your portraits. We will also go over clothing and props so that you know what to expect on the day of your session. I love to make portraits unique to the client so if there are any props that hold a sentimental value to you, I would love to use them. If there are particular poses you are interested in then feel free to suggest them at any time. A great tool to use to gather ideas is Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account so you can create your own ideas folder then connect with me so that we can share ideas in picture form. I love to be creative so any ideas you have I look forward to hearing them. These sessions last up to an hour. This gives us plenty of time to try many different poses, both standing and sitting, to give you a variety in your finished album. You will be moving all around so expect for me to pose you in different ways (hands, face, hair, body) to achieve the most flattering results.


I fully edit each of your images separately to give each image the time it deserves. I strive to keep a pure naturalistic look to your images. I don’t like to over edit but at the same time I want to give each image a flawless look. Most commonly I will edit blemishes, smooth out the skin, and brighten the overall composition. Each image is unique and my editing technique is to keep them that way. If there are some images that you would like to see in black and white then I can convert them for you as well. If there are any other retouching techniques that you would like used on your images please let me know at the time of your pre-consultation appointment.