Why Your Business Needs Team Headshots

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Why Your Business Needs Team Headshots


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Show off your team of employees with dynamic headshots!

Sharp headshots make a big impact to potential clients. Web designers will tell you that one of the keys to a great company website is consistent, high quality headshots of your team. Headshots that exemplify your brand, and provide an insight to your values, culture, and who you are, sends a powerful message to prospective customers, partners, and future employees.

Getting consistent headshots for the whole team makes you look that much more Professional, Dependable and Reliable.

There’s something to be said for a sharp looking team page on your website. The quality and style of your headshots convey a lot about your business and signals how you conduct business. Forbes has a great article conveying this message linked here.

When looking through websites or social pages, clients want to see someone they feel they can trust. It’s so important that the quality of your pictures matches high the quality of your content. While looking through leadership and employee pictures, customers want to visually connect with you and your team, leaving them with the feeling that you are professional enough to be trusted. Let’s give them the assurance they need to take that next step towards working with you!

What Having Professional Headshots can do for You…
– They get you noticed

– They make a lasting impression

– They convey your professionalism as a business

– They can be used throughout multiple platforms for your business (ie. website, email, Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting profile pictures, ID cards, etc.)

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Change of the Times (Get With It!)

At this moment in time, businesses are seeing a huge shift with how they conduct business within the work environment. We’ve paused, adjusted, and in many cases, are back on track with our altered work strategies. Many people are working from home, and for some, this might be a permanent change for the foreseeable future. Business is still being conducted, and for many people this means sitting on virtual meetings or collaborating through conference calls using programs such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. While it’s super comfy to leave on the pajama pants and log into your meeting without the video going, that blank picture icon leaves something to be desired.

Ask anyone that sits through meetings after meetings, it’s a lot more engaging to either see the person you are talking to, or at least a picture of them. When your screen is full of all those squares full of blank picture icons, selfies and the occasional professional headshot, it’s hard not to visually compare the good from the bad.

Professional headshots for everyone on the team means more connection, less distraction and is more conducive to a professional work environment.

More and more connections are made online these days. Your headshot is the first thing that potential clients see and they’ll make a judgment based on it. Science has proven that judgments are made in less than a second of viewing your headshot and that this first impression tends to be long-lasting, and resistant to change. I help business professionals attract opportunities with a professional headshot that is authentic, genuine, confident and trustworthy.

Take a look at your team page through the eyes of potential clients.

Do you look like a unified team? Do you look sharp and professional?

These qualities are represented in a few distinct ways…

– Cohesive looking pictures

– Facial expressions that convey your company brand

– Good, consistent lighting throughout the pictures

– Correct color balance (does your skin look the right color?)

– Balanced, dynamic cropping

While not every headshot needs to exactly match, they do need to look unified together. A great team page can be just the encouragement a prospect needs to take that next step to work with your business. When it’s time to create headshots, branding images and team photos for your business, I can help you come up with the perfect look and style.

What do the images on your website and social media say about your business?



Professional headshots that will get your company noticed. ⁠Castle Rock Headshots serves Castle Rock, the Denver metro area, and the Denver Tech Center. Corporate headshot photography that captures your best you!

To learn more about business pricing and scheduling a session, check out this page.

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About Castle Rock Headshots

I'm a professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer located in Castle Rock, CO. My headshot style is clean, modern and minimal. I urge professionals to showcase their branding with a professional headshot where the focus is on expression and image. With a background in graphic design, branding and marketing, I bring all these elements together to provide my clients a stellar headshot that supports their brand identity.

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Shammy Peterson
2 years ago

Thanks for pointing out that you can get help in making a lasting impression and you can be noticed when you hire a professional headshot photographer. This is something that business owners could consider in order to create an impressive portfolio that their clients could check. I could imagine how a headshot photographer could ensure that all the photos are going to be captured and printed with quality.

Anna Collins
2 years ago

Thanks for mentioning that professional headshots can help build more connections with clients and attract opportunities since they can use them as their first impression of your company. I run a law firm, and I plan to get headshots of our employees to put on our company website. I’ll have to make sure I hire a great photographer for the job.


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